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Dr. Läufer, Prof. Ren Jie attended 2019 Sino-German Bioeconomy and Biomedicine Conference

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On Nov. 9th, the 2019 Hangzhou International Human Resources Exchanges and Cooperation Conference and 2019 Sino-German Bioeconomy and Biomedicine Conference was inaugurated in Hangzhou International Expo Center. The Conference focused on the topics, such as Development direction and trend of Bioeconomy in China”, Experiences and the Future of Germanys Bioeconomy”, Current status and the Future of Hangzhous Bioeconomy , to carry out seminars and explore the current status and the Future of the development of Bioecnomy. 


Dr. Albrecht Läufer delivered a keynote speech


Experts and scholars from China and Germany shared and exchanged their views on Bioengineering & Biomaterial industry in both China and Germany. Ren Jie, Director of Institute of Nano and Bio-Polymeric Materials of Tongji University, Chairman of Hangzhou Tongjiecheng New Material Co., Ltd.; Dr. Viola Bronsema, Secretary General and CEO of BIO Deutschland of Bio Deutschland; Dr. Joachim Schulze, chairman of the BioEconomy Cluster in Eastern and Middle Germany; Dr. Albrecht Läufer, Co-founder & CEO of BluCon Biotech GmbH in Köln et al delivered keynote speeches on the development and implementation of bio-based materials and the development of biotechnology in China and Germany and they had a round table discussion on the development and industrialization of bio-based materials in Hangzhou. 



After the Conference, representatives of various circles in the field of Bioeconomy from China and Germany had a warm exchange and discussion, which will further promote the cooperation and exchanges between China and Germany in the field of biological economy industry.