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Zhang Zhongcan investigated Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park and emphasized pushing the work of “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” to a new level!

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On the afternoon of 17th June, Zhang Zhongcan, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, came to the park to investigate entrepreneurial and innovative work of international talents, deepened the enterprises, listened to the demands, and coordinated to solve the developing problems. District leaders Zhu Jianming and Wang Tao participated.


Mr. Zhang came to Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park in Gongshu District to visit the Sino-German Bio-based New Materials R&D Center and Virchow Laboratories, listen to the construction of the platform, introduction of talents and landing of projects etc.


Mr. Zhang fully affirmed the achievements of entrepreneurial and innovative projects of the park, and hoped that Gongshu would continue to support relevant services and further exert the radiating effects of the park.

Professor Ren Jie (first from left) introduces the industrial plan of polylactic acid to Secretary Zhang Zhongcan (second from left)


He emphasized that Gongshu should further improve its political position, accelerate the pace of scientific and technological innovation, provide first-class services and environment for the development of enterprises. It is necessary to speed up industrial planning, deepen the cooperation among the productions, study and research, and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. It is necessary to strengthen the docking mechanism, implement the communication and docking to specific personnel, follow up the services in time according to the needs of the enterprises, and be a good “service provider” for enterprises .


Xu Youzhong, chairman of Zhejiang Youcheng Holdings Group Co., Ltd., accompanied the investigation.