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Zhang Yan, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee in Gongshu District and District Mayor, visited our company

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  On January 4th, the deputy secretary of party committee in Gongshu districtand and district mayor, Zhang Yan went to the Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship Innovation Park and visited the Sino-German R&D Center for Bio-Based Material.

Chirman of Zhejiang Youcheng Holding Group,Xu Youzhong (first from left) talked with Zhang Ya

Zhang Yan and her delegation visited the service center of the park and the Sino-German R&D Center for Bio-Based Material. Subsequently they held a symposium to listen to the project report and discussed about problems encountered in the progress of the project.

Last year, the cooperation projects of German-Sino Healthcare Group - Sino-German R&D Center for Bio-Based Material, Sino-German R&D Center for Bio-Based Material Application, Virchow laboratory joint medical center, KTQ International Certificati Training Center East-China, etc. With the close cooperation of all parties, the project construction has been solidly promoted. At present, the Sino-German R&D Center for Bio-Based Material has entered the trial operation stage, the construction of Sino-German R&D Center for Bio-Based Material Applicationis already completed and it will be put into trial operation soon.

Dr. Zhang Naiwen introduced the laboratory construction to Zhang Yan 

In the next step, the both sides should further strengthen the docking mechanism, implement the communication and docking of individual personnel, and implement the project one by one; all departments at all levels in the district should pay attention to support the development of the enterprise, follow up the service in time according to the development needs, and actively help to solve the development problems; further strengthen the construction of hardware facilities in the park with international standards and international vision, provide first-class services for enterprises to become bigger and stronger, create a first-class environment, and vigorously promote the high-tech industry in Gongshu District.