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Committed to the development and industrialization of new biological materials.


Company Profile

Zhejiang Youcheng New Material Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Youcheng Holding Group. The company was founded on February 2, 2018, with a registered capital of 100 million RMB.


The company devotes itself to the R&D and industrialization of bio-based new materials. The company has introduced German revolutionary biotechnology. At present, it has set up the research and development headquarters of lactic acid and poly lactic acid in the Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park in Gongshu District , and will set up the industrial base of lactic acid and  poly lactic acid in Ningbo.


Our goal is to become a leader in biobased new materials industry.

Project Introduction

Through the application of the third generation lactic acid technology and the construction of polylactic acid industrial park, realize the scale, intensification and optimal configuration of PLA industry, reduce the cost of polylactic acid (PLA)  to a comparable range compared with traditional petrochemical plastics, chemical fibers (PP, PE, PET), drive innovation, transformation and  upgrading of downstream industries, to create a global biobased environmentally freindly material industry cluster.

Replacing petroleum based plastics and chemical fibers


Representatives of polylactic acid / biodegradable materials


Main performances of polylactic acid (PLA)


Polylactic acid (PLA) is a kind of biodegradable polymer material of aliphatic polyester, and it is one of the best biodegradable polymer materials at present.


Reduce "white pollution" and greenhouse gas emissions, promote the surface carbon cycle, sustainable regeneration, do not increase greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide


Nearly perfect environmentally friendly, plant origin, do not consume ancient carbon, do not increase greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide, completely degradable, low production energy consumption. Near absolute safety, L- lactic acid is an endogenous active substance of the human body and has been certified by the US FDA.



Lactic acid technology team

Lactic acid: BluCon Biotech GmbH R & D team under the leadership of Dr.Albrecht Läufer


Zhejiang Yau Cheng group has completed the acquisition of BluCon's overall patented technology and R & D team.

It also established two R & D centers in Cologne, Germany and Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

PLA technology team

PLA: Professor Ren Jie, a leading scientist in the industry, ;eader of the PLA research team of Tongji University.


Dr. Albrecht Läufer 

 Chairman of the working group on bioengineering between the National Development and Reform Commission of China and the Ministry of Economy and Energy of Germany

Bio Deutschland   chairman of the German bioengineering Association

The technology of Blucon has been successfully listed as a key project of the German Ministry of science and technology.


Ren jie

Director of Nano and Biopolymer Material institute of Material Science and Engineering institute of Tongji University

He has been engaged in preparation, modifacation,

processing and application research of PLA.




Corporate Strategy

Brand positioning:     · Global bio based materials suppliers                        · Global polylactic acid industrial chain solution provider

Development goals:  · Establishment of global bio based new materials research center            · The world's leading promoters of polylactic acid products

                                               · One of the world's major suppliers of polylactic acid               · The world's leading supplier of industrial chain technology


At present, the external environment and national policies have created excellent conditions and opportunities for the rise of the polylactic acid industry. The conditions and opportunities for large-scale construction of lactic acid and polylactic acid projects are fully ripe.


The company has purchased from Germany the world's leading cellulose and hemicellulose lactic acid conversion bacteria and technology, reducing the cost of lactic acid.


As the only company in the world to master the third generation of lactic acid and polylactic acid industrialization technology at the same time, after more than ten years of research and development, a large number of commercial level of polylactic acid product application technology has been reserved, downstream applications have been fully launched.